A Fee of $50 for all new students (not to exceed $100 per family) is required along with the registration form to reserve class space. In order for students currently enrolled to receive the early registration fee of $30 (not to exceed $100 per family), the student must register before June 8, 2018.

Registration fees are not refundable.




Tuition is divided into 10 payments, with the 1st payment drafted on September 1st, and the last payment drafted on June 1st.


Payment Plans offered:


Payment plans do not include registration fee. Monthly tuition, costume fee and revue fee are paid through automatic bank draft.


Plan “A”: Monthly tuition is drafted on the 1st of each month, with the first on September 1st and the last on June 1st. The full costume fee is drafted on November 1st, and revue fee ($170) is drafted on March 1st.


Plan “B”: Plan “B” consolidates monthly tuition, the full costume fee, and the revue fee. Students on plan B will be drafted the consolidated amount for the first 6 months, with the final 4 drafts consisting of the tuition amount only.


Plan “C”: A 10% discount is available to students who pay all 10 months tuition, in full, at the time they register. This discount applies to tuition fee only. The costume fee and revue fee are not included and can be paid separately at the time of registration or be drafted on November 1st and March 1st respectively.








Tuition is divided into 10 payments, with the 1st payment drafted on September 1st, and the last payment drafted on June 1st. Monthly tuition, costume fee and revue fee are paid through automatic bank draft.


A $25.00 fee will be charged for each “NSF” draft. If the studio is presented more than two NSF drafts, students will not be permitted to attend classes until the account is current.


Delinquent accounts will be turned over to an outside collection agency if the account holder fails to make satisfactory payment arrangements. An account is considered delinquent once it is two months past due. No student will be allowed to continue classes if the account is two months past due.


NO FEES ARE REFUNDABLE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. (This includes anything payable to Jean Leigh Academy of Dance, such as and not limited to tuition, costumes, programs, videos, tickets, t-shirts, convention and competition fees, choreography fees, master classes, all deposits, registration fees, etc.)



We must be notified in writing when a student drops a class. You will be charged each month until written notification is received. No exceptions to this policy will be considered. The final date to Withdraw/Drop-out is Thursday, February 1st, 2018. After this date, you will be responsible for paying tuition through the dance revue, and all fees associated with the dance revue held in June.



If your child is absent from classes held at the studio, full tuition is still required, however, make-up classes are available and are encouraged. Please note that “Perfect Attendance” certificates are awarded at the end of the dance year.



The studio will be closed ONLY during the following holidays:

Thanksgiving – November 19 - 23

Christmas – December 24 - January 4

Mardi Gras – March 4 - 5

Easter – April 19 - 26

THE STUDIO WILL BE OPEN ON ALL OTHER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. The studio will be closed if the public schools are closed due to inclement weather.



Family rates are available and are as follows:

2 children less $10.00 from total monthly tuition

3 children less $15.00 from total monthly tuition

4 children less $20.00 from total monthly tuition



Jean Leigh Academy of Dance will not escort any dancers to and from the parking lot. Students should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when arriving and departing the studio. Parents, for your child’s safety, please do not ask your child to meet you outside.



For all Dance classes, hair must be tightly secured, and off the neck. All students are required to wear appropriate attire in their classes. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO TAKE CLASS WITHOUT BEING APPROPRIATELY DRESSED. Dress Code for each class is printed in the Jean Leigh 2012-2013 student handbook or you may download a copy from our form downloads page. NOTE: COVER-UPS SHOULD BE WORN TO AND FROM THE STUDIO.



Please label all dancewear and shoes with student’s name. We cannot be responsible for any losses of personal property or valuables.



Observers are not permitted in the classroom without permission of the instructor. Please understand that this is in the students’ best interest not to be distracted. We are fortunate, however, to have observation windows for all studios and we encourage our parents to observe as often as possible. For the safety and privacy of all of our students, videotaping is prohibited during class time. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive environment for our students and their families. Any unbecoming behavior or rude comments made in the waiting area or on the premises is strictly prohibited. ANY DEVIATION FROM THIS POLICY WILL BE CAUSE TO WITHDRAW YOUR CHILD FROM OUR ROLL.



Raising Canes River Center,

Theatre for Performing Arts

Dress Rehearsal: June 21, 2019

Revue: June 22, 2019


YOUR CHILD’S PARTICIPATION IN OUR ANNUAL DANCE REVUE IS OPTIONAL. If you are on Plan “A,” and would like your child to participate, the following fees apply. If you selected Plan “B,” these fees are included in your monthly tuition and therefore do not apply to you.



The full costume fee will be drafted on November 1st for all students on “Plan A”. Costume fees are non-refundable.



As opposed to charging admission to our annual dance revue, we require a fee of $170.00 per family. This fee covers the expenses of producing the show, including rental of the facility, special effects, lighting instruments and technicians, security, etc., and will be drafted on March 1st. Each family receives a minimum of four tickets to the show, and one complimentary program and DVD. (Any and all remaining tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. Students will be properly notified of the date and time these extra tickets will be available.)



If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Office Manager at 225.664.1809.  Our office hours are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm and Monday-Friday from 4:00-8:00pm.  It is our desire to provide our parents & students with an environment that is well organized, family friendly and ready to serve.  Let us know how we can help make your experience at Jean Leigh, the best it can be!